4 Questions to Ask Your Apartment Windows Supplier

4 Questions to Ask Your Apartment Windows Supplier

Building multi-family housing developments is far different from single-family residential projects. There are a lot of details to keep in mind and everything is in bulk. This includes windows, of course. Windows are a crucial part of construction that affects not only the appearance of the final project but also the amount of energy the building winds up using overall. Here are a few questions that should be asked of an apartment window supplier.

1. Do You Have Enough Inventory?

This should be one of the very first questions asked. If the apartment window supplier doesn’t have enough inventory for a project, another supplier should be found. Consistency of style is crucial during apartment building construction. There are so many windows that will need to be installed. There can’t be mismatched windows in this type of project. Consistency is key.

2. Is There a Benefit for Buying in Bulk?

Although an apartment construction project will require a lot of materials, one of the bonuses is that when buying in bulk, there are usually benefits that can be had. Saving money is among the most attractive of those benefits. Research needs to be done to ensure that the cost savings are significant enough. This can be done by shopping around to different window suppliers and then comparing prices.

3. How Is Delivery Handled?

When it comes to bulk orders of windows, delivery is important. Not only will delivery take a lot of logistical planning, but it’s also necessary that the items are delivered safely. That much glass has a huge potential for breaks and damage. A window supplier should provide all details on delivery before anything is purchased.

4. What Warranties Are Offered?

An apartment windows supplier will offer a warranty for their products. Considering the magnitude of an apartment construction project, the installation of faulty windows could be disastrous. Contractors need to have sufficient warranties in writing to protect against the expenses this could entail.

These are just a few questions that should be asked of apartment window suppliers. According to IBISWorld, the wood door and window manufacturing market size was valued at $16 billion in 2023. Apartment windows certainly play a role in that figure. If you’re looking for bulk windows and doors please contact TMD Windows & Doors.