Contemporary Trim and Moulding Sets

Clean, straight lines, smooth cuts, sleek style — these are the hallmarks of custom interior trim and contemporary design. Components from this moulding collection add just the right touch of visual punch to the pared-down aesthetic of modern and contemporary design. Use them to enhance open spaces, neutral colors, and materials inspired by nature.

Custom trim and millwork from TMD Windows & Doors

Transitional Trim and Moulding Sets

Merging the best of classic and contemporary styles, transitional mouldings emphasize streamlined and sophisticated lines that complement any architectural style. Components from this moulding collection bring cohesion to transitional spaces, reinforcing an intentional, seamless, stylistic blend.

Traditional Trim and Moulding Sets

Traditional moulding sets feature elegant lines, sumptuous curves, and luxurious details. Use components from this moulding collection to create a rich, warm and inviting classic architectural atmosphere.

Custom Trim and Moulding Sets

Vikings discovered that burning the surface of cut wood made it more resistant to the effects of outdoor exposure. Today, TMD has discovered the perfect thermo-molecular modification process for modern building standards. High-temperature heat and steam, applied through a highly technical, computer-controlled process, reduces the wood’s moisture content, altering the structure of wood on a cellular level so that it is virtually impervious to rot, mildew, and decay.

custom trim and moulding sets

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TMD Windows & Doors voted best of Tampa 2020"The team at TMD we’re WONDERFUL to work with. They came out not just once but 3 times to ensure our project would be done correctly and successfully! Windows arrived on time and the end product couldn’t be better quality. We LOVE our new windows ..."

TMD Windows & Doors voted best of Tampa 2020"We ordered all of our windows, doors, and even a custom made front door from TMD for our new home. In addition, they handled all of the custom trim and woodwork. From planning to execution, their customer service was fantastic! TMD is the best!"

TMD Windows & Doors voted best of Tampa 2020"I purchased new windows from TMD and highly recommend this company! The windows are beautiful-- my installer commented multiple times on how smooth to open they are and how nice they were. The windows arrived within 3 weeks of my order as promised ...."

TMD Windows & Doors voted best of Tampa 2020"TMD has gone above and beyond to provide exceptional service. I Highly recommend them to everyone. As a general contractor, it’s important to have a solid window and door contractor in your wheel house."

TMD Windows & Doors voted best of Tampa 2020"We are extremely grateful to Chris Rosende.... He recommended manufacturers that gave us the most bang for the buck - getting us the product we wanted without compromise and without spending more than we had to."

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