Choosing Bulk Windows and Doors: Top 10 Considerations for Builders

When it comes to construction projects, the selection of windows and doors can greatly impact the overall functionality, security, and aesthetics of a building. Opting for bulk windows and doors can offer several advantages such as cost savings and streamlined logistics. Here are some of the top considerations builders should address when choosing bulk windows and doors:

1. Knowledgeable Salespeople: Builders benefit greatly from partnering with suppliers that have knowledgeable salespeople who understand the intricacies of bulk windows and doors. Our TMD Companies experts have decades of experience providing expert advice and guidance in selecting the most suitable products for your specific project requirements. We are well-versed in the latest industry trends, building codes, and regulations. Furthermore, we can offer valuable insights on design options, customization possibilities, and energy efficiency ratings. Our expertise helps you make informed decisions that align with your project goals.

2. Overall Value: Purchasing bulk windows and doors allow builders to leverage economy of scale, secure discounted rates, and reduce overall project expenses. While cost is important, what really matters is the overall value that bulk windows and doors bring to a project. Quality and durability are crucial factors to ensure the longevity of a building, and choosing a supplier like TMD Windows & Doors ensures high-quality products that meet industry standards.  Secure, energy efficient, sound-insulated doors may cost a bit more at the outset, but they yield a greater ROI over time with decreased maintenance and repair costs.

3. Fast Delivery Times: Timely delivery of construction materials, such as bulk windows and doors, is essential to maintaining project timelines and avoiding unnecessary delays. TMD Companies has spent decades building a reputation for reliable and fast delivery times. Because we specialize in bulk orders, we can streamline the logistics process, ensuring that your bulk windows and doors are readily available when needed. Fast delivery times minimize downtime, allowing you to stay on schedule and on budget.

4. Weather Rating: Weather-rated bulk windows and doors are designed and tested to withstand harsh elements such as extreme temperatures, high winds, and heavy rain. As longtime residents and business owners in South Florida, we know all the ins and outs of weather-rated windows and doors. Not only do weather-rated bulk windows and doors offer excellent insulation and protect against leaks, drafts, and moisture intrusion, but they also reduce the risk of costly repairs or replacements down the line. (There’s that ROI again!)

5. Security Features: Security is a top priority for builders and their clients, especially in high-end residential construction. We offer bulk windows and doors for builders that incorporate robust security features like reinforced frames, multiple point locking systems, laminated glass, and impact resistance. These features deter potential intruders, enhancing building safety and providing peace of mind to occupants.

6. Customization Options: Every construction project is unique, and builders often require customized windows and doors to meet specific design and functionality requirements. When choosing bulk windows and doors, it is crucial to work with a supplier like TMD Companies that is accustomed to offering and overseeing a wide range of customization options. When windows and doors are tailored to match the architectural style and specifications of the building, it’s a win-win for everyone.

7. Award-Winning Performance:  As an award-winning supplier of bulk windows and doors, our products have been recognized for their innovation, superior craftsmanship, and outstanding performance. If you’re looking for bulk windows and doors that have received accolades for their design, energy efficiency, sustainability, and overall excellence,  you’re in the right place. It’s always our goal to enhance a building’s aesthetic appeal while ensuring top-notch performance.

8. Reputable Brand Names: At TMD Windows & Doors, we prioritize working with reputable brand names known for their quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.  Our trusted brand partners also invest in cutting-edge research and development to ensure products that set the highest standards in the industry.

9. Ease of Installation: Every builder knows that efficient installation is critical to the success of a project. Opting for easy-to-install bulk windows and doors can streamline the construction process and minimize potential delays. Our bulk windows and doors for builders feature options with intuitive design features, such as pre-drilled holes and adjustable frames. Detailed installation instructions and manufacturer support are also valuable time-saving resources.

10. The TMD Guarantee: Not only do our founders and sales experts have decades of experience in construction, millwork, cabinetry, windows, and doors, we even hold patents for revolutionary window and door systems. Once we see your plans and discuss your desires, we guarantee that we’ll be able to help you find the ideal solution for your commercial or multi-family construction project.

Choosing the right bulk windows and doors is a key element of the construction process, and we’re here to help. To get started, contact TMD today for a virtual or phone meeting.

Reviews & Accolades

TMD Windows & Doors voted best of Tampa 2020"The team at TMD we’re WONDERFUL to work with. They came out not just once but 3 times to ensure our project would be done correctly and successfully! Windows arrived on time and the end product couldn’t be better quality. We LOVE our new windows ..."

TMD Windows & Doors voted best of Tampa 2020"We ordered all of our windows, doors, and even a custom made front door from TMD for our new home. In addition, they handled all of the custom trim and woodwork. From planning to execution, their customer service was fantastic! TMD is the best!"

TMD Windows & Doors voted best of Tampa 2020"I purchased new windows from TMD and highly recommend this company! The windows are beautiful-- my installer commented multiple times on how smooth to open they are and how nice they were. The windows arrived within 3 weeks of my order as promised ...."

TMD Windows & Doors voted best of Tampa 2020"TMD has gone above and beyond to provide exceptional service. I Highly recommend them to everyone. As a general contractor, it’s important to have a solid window and door contractor in your wheel house."

TMD Windows & Doors voted best of Tampa 2020"We are extremely grateful to Chris Rosende.... He recommended manufacturers that gave us the most bang for the buck - getting us the product we wanted without compromise and without spending more than we had to."

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